Most visitors visit Halong bay from Hanoi, they take the boat cruise, enjoy spectacular sceneries, beautiful mountain caves and go kayaking in the blue lagoons, however few people know that the city of Halong is also an attractive destinations in northern Vietnam. In recent years, Halong city tourism is very developed thanks to its professionalism and diverse landscape. If you want to have a trip to Halong, don't miss the places below.
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With the advantage of developing tourism very early, Halong is a place extremely loved by domestic and foreign tourists. Besides, this place also leaves an impression in the hearts of tourists because of its beautiful scenes and outstanding natural wonders of the world. With this article, we will share with you some interesting experiences when traveling to Halong city for your reference on your upcoming trip!

1. Halong Ancient Town
The Old Town is the first tourist destination in Halong city that we wants to introduce to you! Coming here, visitors will feel peaceful before the beauty of ancient houses, tinged with time. The street has a prime location in the center, possessing unique architecture down to every detail, so it has become a great selfie place for many young people. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to the old town, don't forget to bring a camera to take "genuine" photos!
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2. Quang Ninh museum and library
The Quang Ninh Museum and Library is the next place not to be missed on a trip to Halong city. This place is designed in a striking classical architectural style with 3 blocks of buildings. Each house has different tasks: museum, conference room, library. If you love history, culture and architectural works, this will not be a bad suggestion!

3. Long Tien Pagoda
Long Tien Pagoda is a pagoda built during the Nguyen Dynasty. The pagoda has a unique bed-stack architecture and a meticulous system of stylized patterns decorated with dragon and phoenix shapes. Because of its unique construction style, this is a place that attracts many tourists when traveling to Halong city. This temple holds festivals on many occasions throughout the year so if you are lucky you can also immerse yourself in the local festival atmosphere.
Bai Tho mountain in Halong city

4. Bai Tho Mountain
Bai Tho Mountain is a tourist destination in Halong city that is loved by many tourists. Right from the name, it touched many people's hearts. Not only that, coming here, visitors will admire the entire beautiful scenery of Halong Bay. The feeling of conquering the mountain and looking out into the distance amidst a vast area of ??clouds, sky, water, sea and islands will leave unforgettable impressions in the hearts of visitors.