Ha Giang loop has become a phrase that many people mention because this place possesses extremely beautiful scenery. Located 300km from the capital Hanoi, this is a famous rocky plateau with the most majestic and magnificent nature in the North.
Next Homestay. review will share with you some travel experiences in Ha Giang. Hope it will help you on your upcoming trip! Vietnam budget travel

1. Transportation
I chose to take a sleeper bus from Hanoi (at My Dinh bus station), go to Ha Giang and rent a motorbike to go to tourist attractions. Travel time from My Dinh to Ha Giang is more than 5 hours (nearly 300km).

2. Travel itinerary in Ha Giang
Day 1:
21:00: Get on the sleeper bus at My Dinh bus station, depart for Ha Giang

Day 2:
4:30 am: Arrive in Ha Giang, get homestay, rest, get motorbike. Check in at milestone number 0 in Ha Giang City
7:00 am: Depart for Yen Minh. Check in: Bac Sum slope, heaven gate and Quan Ba ??twin mountains. Then have lunch in Yen Minh town.
11:30 am: Depart for Doc Tham Ma, Pao's house, Vuong's mansion. Check in: Doc Tham Ma, Pao's house, Vuong's mansion
15:30: Depart for Lung Cu flagpole.
17:00: Depart for Dong Van old town, go to the night market in the evening.
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Day 3:
6am: Get up early to go to Dong Van market (Please note that the market is only open on Sundays)
7:00 am: Depart for Ma Pi Leng pass. Check in: Ma Pi Leng Pass - the four great 6 mountain passes in Vietnam
9:00 am: Depart for Nho Que river. Take a boat trip on the Nho Que River to sightsee and experience kayakingThe wonder of conquering Nho Que, the most unique deep canyon in Vietnam
12:00: Depart for lunch at Meo Vac. Check in on the M-shaped road Meo Vac then depart for the city.
18:00: Arrive in Ha Giang city, return the bike, shower and prepare dinner and coffee. Check into Nui Cam cafe with a view of the entire city at night.
22:00 p.m.: Get on the bus to depart for Hanoi, expected to be in Hanoi around 5:00 a.m.
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This is a time schedule that is quite close to my actual trip. Please note that before traveling to Ha Giang, you need to plan a specific route because the road is very far and long, with many check-in points, just get lost, or going slower than the expected schedule, people will easily miss beautiful spots or even go downhill after dark. Wishing everyone a happy experience when traveling to Ha Giang!