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Hoi An, a coastal city in the middle of Vietnam, 835km southeast of Hanoi and 865km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City is always considered as one of the best destinations that all riders who book our motorbike tours Vietnam should ride there. Located in Quảng Nam province in the middle of Vietnam. The Old Town of Hoi An is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on the 4th, December 1999.

Hoi An has a long history and it’s name has changed several times. In the 1st century the city was known as Lâm Ấp Phố, meaning Champa City. During the 16th and 17th the town was called Hai Pho, meaning seaside town. To the French and Spanish the town was known as “Faifo”, and had similar names in Portuguese and Dutch. The culture of Hoi An is influenced by many different cultures, for example: first is the Cham people whose kingdom originally stretched from Hue to Phan Thiet. The Cham people were Hindu, but by the 10th century the influence of Arab traders resulted in some to become Muslims. The second was from the Chinese, traders as well as the armies from the Ming Dynasty who settled in Hoi An for many years before moving further south and creating Saigon as a major trading port. The third was from the Vietnamese and is fairly recent and only came after the Cham lost their control of this area.

The visitors coming to Hoi An when The Full Moon Festival is held on the evening of the 14th of every lunar month will see many lanterns because there will be no electric lighting. Lanterns are floating on the river, hanging from the houses, in short everywhere lanterns. This gives a very special atmosphere to the old town illuminated with beautifully decorated and colourful lanterns along every lane. This tradition to decorate the ancient town in Hoi An with multi-coloured lanterns, started more than three centuries ago. Besides, the local authorities hold a lot of activities to preserve the traditional features including traditional games such as trong quan, bai choi, and dap nieu that attract local people and tourists a lot.

Traffic in Hoi An is minimal, so you do not have to meet traffic jam here. If you are afraid of getting on a bike in any big cities in Vietnam, small towns and the surrounding countryside like Hoi An are ideal to riding a bicycle and get used to the road rules. The centre of Hoi An is very small, so discovering Hoi An on foot is a good choice. However, motorbikes have not been banned from the center, so keep an eye out for motorized kamikazes, especially in the most narrow alleys.

In Vietnam, only Hoi An over the next 200 years still keep its original streets and builings and has unique cultural characteristics. All things here are remained almost untouched by the changes of the process. The centre is full of memories of the past. There are many interesting buildings you can visit. There are also many craft shops, including traditional Vietnamese ceramics, fabric production, silk materials and art paintings.

Now, let’s go to enjoy the ancient town Hoi an with us by joining our Vietnam motorbike tours.